Southwest Orion Correlation Expedition

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31/05/2017 - 19:00 to 06/06/2017 - 19:00

Hello to all those adventurous spirits out there. We will take a quest into the ancient Southwest this May 31st-June 6th with world renowned explorer and Egyptologist Robert Bauval, along with our Zuni elder Clifford Mahooty who will be able to give us insight into the ancient world of the Pueblo people to rediscover the magic that exists in our ancient world views, so that we might come to know our world and ourselves with a better perspective. I have lived here in Sedona for 14 years now, as my home base; for traveling all over the world to ancient sacred sites and the ancient Southwest has become one of my favorite places to explore.

[Wupatki] Because the further we go back in time the better understanding of our world we discover and we will also discover that the ancient Southwest was some kind of a cross roads for peoples from all over the world, West to East & North to South, but especially from the Pacific where the lost continent of Mu/Lemuria once existed.

Robert Bauval In 1983 developed a theory that correlates the three pyramids of Giza in Egypt with the three stars of Orion’s Belt and, with the support of Egyptologist Sir I.E.S. Edwards, published a paper in the Oxford Journal in 1989. Bauval’s theory is now internationally known as ‘The Orion Correlation Theory’ (OCT). Gary A David is another author that brings to light that there is a similar correlation going on in the ancient southwest with the Hopi mesas of the Pueblo people which overlays in the Southwest just as it is found in Egypt.

[Antelope Canyon] We are excited to explore the ancient Southwest with an intimate group to look into the connections between the ancient Egyptians & the Southwest together with the constellation of Orion, where there are legends as well as rituals and ceremonies of the ancient Pueblo people that reveal there was a connection. Robert Bauval & Clifford Mahooty are both former civil engineers so they are very methodical and detailed oriented in their ways of investigation.

Clifford Mahooty being a Zuni elder of the Galactic medicine society will give us a unique perspective as the chants, rituals & ceremonies of his people tens of thousands of years old, speak of such ancient connections. Though Clifford is forbidden to reveal the secrets of his people, he can share with us what is not forbidden to share, and with that small information that is allowed, we will have a window into a historical understanding that will blow your mind and give you a better awareness of the Southwest along with a better understanding of our true history of humanity on Planet Earth.

We are keeping the group to 36 attendees to maximize connections. Thank you for your interest and looking forward to a very exciting and rich experience.

At the end of our last journey with Robert Bauval in May 2016, we imagined another expedition but much more extensive this time and in depth to exploring the Orion correlation in the Southwest.

We are going to some really cool locations with Robert Bauval & Clifford Mahooty exploring the Orion Correlations in the ancient Southwest. Our journey will take us too Wupatki, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley, Cnyn de Chelly,  Hopi Mesa's and the Chevelon Cnyn, Rock Art Ranch. From this journey you will gain a better understanding of how ancient the Southwest really is, and how the longest living original beings in North America the Pueblo People, have inhabited these lands for eons.

Total price is $1,975.00

$500.00 Deposit reserves your seat after 90 days prior to departure date their are no refunds. Final Payment of $1,475.00 due by April 30th, 2017.

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