The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history

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The swastika is a symbol used by of one of the most hated men on Earth, a symbol that represents the slaughter of millions of people and one of the most destructive wars on Earth.  But Adolf Hitler was not the first to use this symbol. In fact, it was used as a powerful symbol thousands of years before him, across many cultures and continents.

For the Hindus and Buddhists in India and other Asian countries, the swastika was an important symbol for many thousands of years and, to this day, the symbol can still be seen in abundance - on temples, buses, taxis, and on the cover of books. It was also used in Ancient Greece and can be found in the remains of the ancient city of Troy, which existed 4,000 years ago. The ancient Druids and the Celts also used the symbol, reflected in many artefacts that have been discovered. It was used by Nordic tribes and even early Christians used the Swastika as one of their symbols, including the Teutonic Knights, a German medieval military order, which became a purely religious Catholic Order. But why is this symbol so important and why did Adolf Hitler decide to use it?

The word ‘swastika’ is a Sanskrit word (‘svasktika’) meaning ‘It is’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Good Existence, and ‘Good Luck’. However, it is also known by different names in different countries - like ‘Wan’ in China, ‘Manji’ in Japan, ‘Fylfot’ in England, ‘Hakenkreuz’ in Germany and ‘Tetraskelion’ or ‘Tetragammadion’ in Greece.

Swastika - Positive and Negative ShapesA Sanskrit scholar P. R. Sarkar in 1979 said that the deeper meaning of the word is ‘Permanent Victory’. He also said that as any symbol it can have positive and negative meaning depending on how it is drawn. So in Hinduism, the right-hand swastika is a symbol of the God Vishnu and the Sun, while the left-hand swastika is a symbol of Kali and Magic. The double meaning of symbols is common in ancient traditions, like for example the symbol of the pentagram (five pointed star), which is viewed as negative when pointing downwards, and positive when pointing upwards.

Mezine SwastikaThe earliest swastika ever found was uncovered in Mezine, Ukraine, carved on an ivory figurine, which dates an incredible 12,000 years, and one of the earliest cultures that are known to have used the Swastika was a Neolithic culture in Southern Europe, in the area that is now Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, known as the Vinca Culture, which dates back around 8,000 years.

In Buddhism, the swastika is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, abundance and eternity. It is directly related to Buddha and can be found carved on statues on the soles of his feet and on his heart.  It is said that it contains Buddha’s mind.

Lalibela SwastikaOn the walls of the Christian catacombs in Rome, the symbol of the Swastika appears next to the words “ZOTIKO ZOTIKO” which means “Life of Life”. It can also be found on the window openings of the mysterious Lalibela Rock churches of Ethiopia, and in various other churches around the world.


Navaho - SwastikaIn Nordic Myths , Odin is represented passing through space as a whirling disk or swastika looking down through all worlds. In North America, the swastika was used by the Navajos. In Ancient Greece, Pythagoras used the Swastika under the name ‘Tetraktys’ and it was a symbol linking heaven and earth, with the right arm pointing to heaven and its left arm pointing to Earth.

It has been used by the Phoenicians as a symbol of the Sun and it was a sacred symbol used by the priestesses.

Swastica - Phoenicians

The swastika, the Phoenician sun symbol, on the Phoenician Craig-Narget stone in Scotland, and on the robe of a Phoenician high priestess. ( Source)

How and why did so many diverse countries and cultures, across many eras, use the same symbol and apparently with the same meaning?   

It is ironic, and unfortunate, that a symbol of life and eternity that was considered sacred for thousands of years has become a symbol of hatred.

Featured Image: Ancient Roman Mosaics in Villa Romana La Olmeda (Wikipedia)

By John Black

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This symbol has been used all over the world by civilizations throughout history, so it begs the questions "how did this symbol spread?". This symbol was also believed to hold magical powers, one of them being the power of healing. 

I seem to recall learning in historical astronomy that the Swastika is a representation of the rotation of the stars around the pole. That would be something that all cultures would see, and variations of the Swastika developed independent of each other.

The swastika depicts a four-armed cross which is *turning*. As such, it can represent the course of the solar year: two solstices and two equinoxes at equal intervals, which turns constantly. This four-armed cross was also used to turn the spindle of a fire-drill, for starting fires -- often a religious act at the winter-solstice. It's basically a "sun-wheel", and would have been intuited by any tribe of people who bothered to study the annual course of the sun.

I add what I have learned from very great and learned men and women who worked their entire life in ancient history, archeology, occult, etc. I pass on to you what they told me.

Before writing became a norm for most people, pictures only represented things. At the same time, people developed a sense of good and evil and saw, deduced, watched from real events that a shape, drawn or "pointed in one direction" calls out, calls "up" all the good of the universe. The same, identical figure, however, drawn "backwards, or upsidedown" came to mean the exact opposite; it would literally "call up" the demons of Hell, the worst evils that man could envision.

Christ was crucified "upside up" - as only Roman soldiers were concerned only with killing somebody and were not part of an occult event designed beyond what was going on. The spear brought out sacrifice blood, the resurrection of his body, attested by hundreds, proves a "change" - from permanent death to permanent life. That change has changed the world.

Christ's apostle, Peter, was hatefully "crucified upside-down" in an occult event trying to snatch from him the power of resurrection; however occult "changing shape or orientation" no longer has power over Christ and His Christians!

The swastika, directed to the right "calls up all the good, light-bearing thoughts and reality of the universe; to draw it, turn it, orientation, draws up the powers of Hell.

That is what Hitler wanted to do; that is what he did; and mesmerized others to do the same - the occult of which Hitler was a huge part had others events and articles designed to "call up" the powers he was expressly asking for help. His desire to rule the world was not to rule in a nice way, but in a horrible, slave-orientate, pagan way with as much savagery and hate as he could raise.

It took 14 million people's death to stop him. Along the way he "called up" events even spoken in the bible that were "to happen" so even God could not say "no" although they were hateful and evil - "Holocaust" or "whole burnt offering" is one of these horrors.

This generation, you of this publication do not "seem" to take good and evil for what they are - seriously calling up light, life, love, or the alternate. While I pray you never have to find out the utter horror of full-blown evil, I think you should know it exists and people who like to play with it, always seduced and ultimately destroyed by it, call other people to do the same.

This article laments the "misuse" of the swastika- and you say it improperly; if you dare to describe its' alternate shape, you had better describe the 14 million people that it took to squash the evil it called up.

Objects truly "represent" the thing they are supposed to "be" - never forget that in your studies. Words are the thing.

L O V E - is.

Don't write stuff of the other side for just writing it, "calls it up" - ok?

We are so used to the "power" of the written word, we forget why.

That's why.

More Hitler lies. Propaganda and complete and utter nonsense. You know most of the world is waking up to the facts about WW1 & WW2, perhaps you and your overly indoctrinated friends should go back to school! smh

Not much to wake up to, really- Hitler was a superstitious, drug-addicted hypocrite in love with the sound of his own voice, a one-balled, pompous windsock of a man who had a bunch of people killed by others, slept through D-Day, destroyed his country, stigmatized his countrymen for years... and went out like a punk when he was about to get caught. Some leader.

Maybe you're the one who needs to revisit school.

This is some bigoted, racist, Germanophobic garbage here...

I can't believe that someone (like you) would make such controversial comments. I am somewhat upset.

You're right, but I wouldn't suggest anyone to go to school to learn the Kosher version of his-story.
I go with the un-Judaised version:

That is the single most greatest film ever! I watch it daily!

So true! I recently watched a doco called 'the greatest story never told' that showed WW2 from the Germans perspective and how they tried everything to break from the Jewish bankers, for 12 years they succeeded but then war was forced upon them - hitler was a humanitarian choosing to release 300k British soldiers, also the gas chambers are a false myth churchills war book has no mention of gassings! The firebombing rape and murder of German civilians post WW2 and the farcical nuremberg rials based on hearsay and forced testemony set our world on a pro Jewish privilege course that is ending in the destruction of EUROPE.

Sorry, I can't specifically address the issues of the jewish bankers but I can speak to the B.S of Hitler being humanitarian. My Father and uncle were assigned to the military units that liberated Dachau and Buchenwald. The conditions in the camps especially the railroad cars loaded with decomposing bodies of those starved and killed through experiments on the prisoners cause such revulsion that the US troops (my father included) machine gunned the german guards and officers to death when captured. My father and uncle rarely spoke of what they saw but my father said that seeing the few prisoners that lived was like looking into a kennel that contained dogs who had been starved to death with only enough life left in them to lick the hand of the rescuer before dying. The BS documentaries have to deny to try to regain any semblance of humanity for those they lie to protect....

Thank you Michael, I was struggling to find words. Stupidity and wilful ignorance is fine but on this subject it is evil. Nearly 60 million people died as a result of the psychopathy of one man, most of them in the most brutal and cruel of circumstances. I doubt the writer would have lasted 30 seconds in a Nazi concentration camp. Early in the war a group of British psychologists wrote, just as an exercise, a profile of Hitler. They proved to absolutely prescient. They predicted that as soon as the going got tough Hitler, who had no real courage, and more seriously no core identity would dissappear from view as soon as the going got tough. This is exactly what happened. He retreated into a dream world of architectual fantasy. He committed suicide but more significantly he gave orders that Germany be destroyed as the German's themselves had failed him and were not worthy of survival. You need to wake up to yourself because people like you with opinions like yours who refuse to deal with reality could easily plunge the world into another conflagation.

Sure. Hitler was such a humanitarian. That is why neo-nazis and all of his followers are so tolerant and do such great humanitarian work today!

Rotation of the stars around the pole (NOT plural).

Flat Earth?

of course, rather than stars rotating around any earthly point... it is the earth that moves within the realm of the star named 'sun' there is the most northern and the most southern point of reference on the planet=plural points or 'poles' at either end of earth mass.

Just as the hand axes had almost the similar shapes all over the globe in the process of development of humans from stone ages. Swastika is an art form in ts maturity of human intelect all over the globe.Hence it may not be only assigned to one culture or race. Its a natural form of art developed as the human mind and society developed.

geraldine's picture

There was a huge leap in achievements/discovery etc between the neolithic and Bronze Age so your idea of it being an art form of human maturity is spot on.

G J Leale

geraldine's picture

We have to ask the fundamnetal question on how things become symbols. According to eminent plasma physicist Anthony Peratt, the swastika along with a variety of other shapes are all phases of a massive plasma column which was visible in the sky around the end of the Neolithic Age to the early Bronze Age. Peratt studied thousands of rock carvings around the world and compared them to naturally ocurring forms in lab plasmas with outstanding results. The sight of such things in the heavens would have been both terrifying and awe inspiring. These shapes were given off by a multi mega amper gamma radiaiton storm which would have brought destruction but then rebirth. Such a plasma storm has been connected to tthe arrival of Venus in our solar system but also possibly a gamma burst from the galactic centre.The idea of a column has given rise to many myths about a world axis, a ladder to heaven, gods of destruction and so on. Te swastika would have been a cross section of the column, visible from a vriety of angles.

G J Leale

I have never heard of plasma columns. Could you recommend a good place to find credible (scientific) information about them?

Hi Shawn, yes indeed. Look up a paper by Antony Perratt called Characteristics for the occurrence of a High Current Aurora in Antiquity. Its scientific but basically readable and it has plenty of illustration so you'll get the picture. His work is picked up by the very excellent Thunderbolts Info, a group of scientists from around the world focusing on plasma and the effects of celestial electricity. They are a growing organisation, have big seminars and plenty of stuff on youtube - look for Thunderbolts project and I think the most useful title on plasma columns, shapes and symbols is called Symbols of an Ancient sky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7EAlTcZFwY&spfreload=10
The swastika and variants of it appear in many ancient rock carvings which match plasma formations seen in ancient skies. This is the essence of Perratts work and these shapes appear around the world. They are thought to be in the region of 26,000 years old. Take a look anyway and see what you think! Personally I go a step further than the purely scientific and believe the shapes have meaning - in the way an alphabet does and that they are a method of creating evolution on this planet of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Thank you. do remember seeing a video of something similar in the sky over Russia, I think. It was some kind spinning swastika like object with curved rays. It was the for a few minutes then disappeared.

Just a faint awareness of these concepts suggest to me what is called plasma is what I consider to be the element of water, the ether, the sea of energy we float in that matter is created from. I am inspired to do more research, thank you.
The cross to me represents the four elements, earth, water, fire, air, or the four lower levels of consciousness....the fifth being spirit, the fifth dimension where our conscious lays sleeping so we are only aware of the four lower levels of consciousness. Maybe this symbol represents the swirling of these four levels in chaos, so it became a symbol of WWII a period of chaos in the world.
The sun being a transmitter of energy and not the creator also goes with the concept of the Demiurge, who in the gnostic concepts considered himself to be the Light in this world, but really he can only reflect and distort light from the true source as it comes into this dimension. The truth has been left in the foot prints of the great teachers who have gone on before us, we just have to understand. Interesting how the "scientific facts" change over time and the main populace refuse to consider such things as the world being round and not flat, etc. In this day and age we think our technology surely has given us the truth, but the search for truth never ends and it changes as we progress onward. "With each step, the path extends out before us".

In the occult there is the awareness of what is called the midnight sun, the sun that never sets and that is the true sun that can be seen by those who are "awake" in the fifth dimension. While our consciousness is trapped in the lower four dimensions we are only able to see the sun of this lower world. This sun in some respects is Typhon the creator of dark smoke...the Demiurge. The light being reflected is distorted and so illusions of evil are created....phantoms and hallucinations....so the Buddha taught that all in this world is an illusion, and yet what Emerson called the "authentic fire" can shine through the dark smoke and we can see the beauty when we look for it. I think the Thunderbolts Project has much knowledge and wisdom to offer as we come into a new age.

Look into frequencies and most sacred symbols can be made with sound. Something else that many people link the swastika to is our spiral galaxy. I never heard of the plasma thing but now I have to check it out.

Hi James,

I think frequencies or even sound waves would be generated by the "hum" of an electromagnetic field - which is what we would get from a plasma column - of any size. The centre of the Milky Way is not a "black hole" as perpetrated by popular theoretical physics but a high density gamma Z or Bennet pinch - which is why it is chucking out gamma radiation of galactic proportions. Now and again (in cosmic terms) the emanations from the galactic centre are stronger than others - Prof Paul La Violette has a lot to say on this. The myth of the world Axis also discussed by Marinus Van der Slujis on his site http://mythopedia.info
explains very well how plasma myths have formed over the ages.If you go to the page TPODs, http://mythopedia.info/tpods.html you'll find brilliant articles on the origins of plasma myths and how they have infiltrated everything we know to be of "the Gods" - universally! It is a real wealth of knowledge and you'll love the info!
Any sight of a plasma column by our ancestors would have been accompanied by a "hum" - and probably celestial thunder. The hum or frequency of the intense gamma radiation (an uber intense electromagnetic field) would interact with all living things since vibration and emus do just that. Its is my belief that even the sacred OM was the vibration of such an event. There are certain frequencies which can shatter buildings - or dissemble the human mind! etc etc
Enjoy the pages on plasma myths!

It may be, that just as we note above, the Plasma Storm can be accepted Now, but was scandalous concept previously,That the propaganda concerning the very poorly documented Holocaust, the lack of Signed Orders in the otherwise legalistic 3rd Reich,the disease/sickness victims bodies burned being used for propaganda,the non-functional showers, the impossibility of Carbon Monoxide use as killing agent, the WWI propaganda concerning Six Million German Victims, the incompatabilty of Census Records in Europe(total judaic population) vs.Immigrant# into Israel...We will One Day accept that we have been decieved Once Again.This Time-There was no holocaust. Only the continuing war on the Germans by their Khazar invaders.Just study with an Open Mind & the Swastika may not turn out to be such a horrible symbol after-all.

the swastika was spread all over the globe more then 15,000 years ago because it originated from extraterrestrials

Simple ideas do not have to "spread", because humans are inventive and creative, different people at different times in different cultures invent the same thing for different reasons, one could assume the circle triangle cross and square were invented only once and that they spread from there but that would be absolutly silly, Every child with a drawing stick invents these things for themselves because they are obvious. The meanings are also obvious, a square represents stability, a circle eternity, a triangle a point , a cross an intersection, a swastika represents a whirl which is to say energy, we should get over Hitlers rape of geometry, our current fear of the swastika proves stupidity spreads more easily than wisdom, wisdom originates rather than imitates.

Brilliant remark!

The origen of the swastica is the same as the cross and many other symbols. They all represent Tammuz who became deified as a god. Nimrod, his wife and her son Tammuz (who she claimed was the reincarnated Nimrod ) became deified as. Triune godhead. (that's where the idea of a trinity came from) ((also the idea of "Mother of God")) This was when mankind all spoke one language. Hebrew. Because of their rebelliousness Jehovah God changed their language so they would spread over the earth like he instructed them to do thru Adam and Noah. When they spread they took all their false beliefs and symbols with them. That's why you find the same ideas and symbols earth wide. But all this was under 6 thousand years ago. In 2015 Adam was created just 6,040 ago. :)

In the Bible at Genesis 11:1

Are you a Witness?

I have seen almost identical symbol in Canyon de Shelly, in the Northern Arizona. That is pretty close Indian reservation, which difficult to visit without scheduling it before hands. It goes back over 1000 years,
to times of Anasazi Indians, who disappeared about 1000 years ago. The only Hopi Indians know what has happened then, but do not share much. I saw this Swastika up on the wall of this canyon, and I asked our guide about it, but he could not explain the origins of it. Mysteries, mysteries... they are all around us.

Probably this symbol could represent the 4 rivers as mentioned in the genesis about the eden? It could be the 4 stages of yugas as mentioned in vedas, the symbol can be placed on the image of our milkyway and youll find that the center point of intersection is where all suns are swallowed by the black hole, but the remaining 4 lines on that images you can presume to be 4 ages in one cycle. And it can also be a symbol of the first civilization who created earth? The actual knowledge of this symbol was already destroyed by the crusaders by burning books in 11th century. So all we can do is mear speculation and count all probabilities for our understanding purpose.

@Amjad Hussain,
I think you are quite right on this. The Milky Way is mythically mentioned as The Celestial River in the night Sky, and the Milky Way arms represents the celestial 4 rivers of creation, which are connected to the Milky Way center = The central Garden of Eden = The Creation.
From this center, everything in the MIlk yWay is created and pushed out in the galactic surroundings = The biblical Expulsion from the Eden center of Creation.
That is: Our Solar System was once created in the Milky Way center as one huge glowing and spinning sphere which divided out into planets from where the moons again divided out from their mother planets, hence their locked orbital motions. All this can be deduced from the numerous cultural Stories of Creation.

Bet Wishes
Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

I have been reading your work and am very curious if you are familiar with Dr Derek Cunningham's work? They appear to be along similar lines and you both have me intrigued. I would be very curious if you think it is possible that expansion could have taken place during any of the interglacials previous to the current "Last Ice age"? During the late lower to middle Pleistocene maybe?

Dr Cunningham's work...


The information you give is interesting but as a Reiki Master we call it the "Antahkarana". Its origins come from Tibet and China. Though the Tibetans admit it did not originate from them according to William Lee Rand's book, a clairvoyant named Michelle Griffith, according to her work it comes from Lemurian times over 100,000 years ago.

The "Antahkarana is a powerful symbol used in healing and meditation that has been used in Tibet and China for thousands of years.
The inverted symbol you refer to as negative and positive as we were taught (although I think you are referring to them as a magnet type energy or yin & Yang) are known as "male and female".

There are many history books that have occurred over time and often the information is changed with translations and time. I find that calling it a "Swastika" brings old fears for some of my clients and I will not show it when in a healing session. There is a time to reclaim our power back but it might be helpful if there is more of an expansive research as to the names of this symbol so that we do not connect the negative associations that go with the name "Swastika.


With all due respect, I'm a Reiki Master and Teacher so I hope you aren't "showing" any of your clients the symbols unless they are your students.

So far your stories about 100,000 year old swastika doesn't exist. Based on archaeological finds the oldest swastika found is in Ukraine 10.000BC and oldest continuous usage of the Swastika is used in the Vinca culture 7000BC, that lies in Bulgaria and Greece. Earliest archaeological finds of the swastika in India are 2600BC.

Vinča (Serbian: Винча, IPA: [ʋîːntʃa]) is a suburban settlement of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, not Bulgaria or Greece. It is part of the municipality of Grocka. Vinča-Belo Brdo, an important archaeological site that gives its name to the Neolithic culture, is located in the village.

Reiki masterji namaste. First no body is a master..u r a channel. Second..william rand is bull shit...third reiki has nothing to do with swastika..fourth authentic info abt swastika can be found in ancient hindu and buddhist texts but this can be possible if one understands the language in which they are written..translation distorts the eesence.fifth, go past william rand as he thinks he is better than the enlightened founder Mikao Usui Sensei...william is nothing more than a businessman fooling people...he will be flogged someday soon.

The lady believes that 'antah-karan' is being used in china and tibet for thousands of year. wtf,this is a sanskrit word for god sake.

Well done as I am Reiki 1 my teacher made this very clear from the get go this energy is source..yes correct you are a channel ego has no part to play. Reiki 2 focusing on distance and symbols and my I add are prevalent on the Internet and in many books. now the masters whom are fighting it out must remember you teach so lead by example..no ego please. Honor the energy.

Tibet hold so much information and ancient knowledge about mankind.

geraldine's picture

Antakharana is a very good name for it as, if Peratt's findings are correct, it was indeed an aspect of a bridge between Heaven and Earth and thus not unlike the yogic shushumna or central pathway of kundalini.

G J Leale

The `antahkarana` word itself is a Sanskrit word meaning inner self (roughly). Buddhism itself is born of Hinduism, from the `nastika` or atheist schools of philosophy, preceded by more ancient sects such as the Charvakas and Jains.

in case some people haven't noticed amidst their ramblings about the swastik's origination or it being a cross etc. Swastik is a HINDU or more correctly ARYAN symbol for happiness and certainly does not belong to china or Tibet but came to be known in the land with the spread of Buddhism which is an Indian religion- buddha being an Indian prince turned yogi. the thing is: think before commenting crap people!
moreover a certain theory for its spread could be the found in the origin of the Aryans,(they immigrated to South Asia) and Swastik certainly does not call devils or evil.

angieblackmon's picture

i wish when i was in school that they taught more about the symbol itself. i grew up thinking it was this horrible thing and only in recent years have i had an interest in these subjects and taken the time to learn about them...finding out that this symbol was a positive for so many hundreds of years before it was the symbol of horror i learned about was shocking at first, then it made me sad. it makes me feel like one "bad egg" really can ruin it for the rest of us...it's been less than 100 years since WW2, but nearly everyone i know has a negative association for the swastika symbol.

love, light and blessings


So those who chose it during WWII did an exceptionally good job in turning many hearts and minds from the truth inherent in this very old symbol...did they not...??? Was that not their purpose & intent ???


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