Roman dodecahedra

The enigma of the Roman dodecahedra

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The Roman dodecahedron – Legends and Chronicles. Available from:

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Has The Roman Dodecahedron Mystery Been Solved? – Gralien Report. Available from:

The Roman Pentagon Dodecahedron: An Astronomic Measuring Instrument for Determining the Optimal Sowing Date for Winter Grain – By G.M.C. Wagemans. Available from:

By Federico Cataldo


the hexagon and octagon ones were not found in roman empire because visitors who brought their own specific ones from their own country of producing, took them back home when they left. But word did spread when they were first thought of, made /forged; word got around, the idea of them for those /that use(s) caught on. Like a new idea these days that grows when a large company buys someones, new idea or invention. I wonder why they are not made of iron ? or just also carved from rock, because rock would, certainly shatter ! And not made of metal--just in case one dropped it. No..
Metal is a clue for it's purpose, Longevity especially, and endless reuse(s) Perhaps used for, trades also :)

It is strange why there are tiny circles on the flat surface at each knob.. that bras one. It can be figured sensibly that each detail has a function. not looks or decor, the whole thing had a rather major use, so why not every part, aspect, have a function too, multi uses maybe.. no candle holder, no heater, not for military. for holding string, linen strands for sewing is good possibility, But really one needs to be found with it's function present, a drawing, painting, mosaic, carving.. Since there were Olympics, could it be, for shot put.?

..candles came in various widths..these are travelers candlestick modern day flashlights !

It's found in colder climates, it's porous, it's metal, it's decorated with bubbles and circles and it can be quickly distinguished by someone with poor sight. Little is known about it because it is domestic rather than medical, scientific or military. It looks animated to the degree that it is falling through water with a purpose. I conclude, this is a water heater for bathing.

yeah, right.. It, can't at all, generate heat......


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