Bayron Temple, the most notable temple in Angkor Thom

Walking in Shadows of Serenity: The Great Sacred City of Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom (which means ‘Great City’) was the last capital of the mighty Khmer Empire, which was based in modern day Cambodia. This typically intricately decorated Khmer city, which is located in...
Laser Surveys in Cambodia Reveal Unparalleled Pre-Industrial Working of the Landscape

Laser Surveys in Cambodia Reveal Unparalleled Pre-Industrial Working of the Landscape

In the jungles of Cambodia, archaeologists are using aerial laser surveys to uncover mysterious features, including man-made mounds and geoglyphs arranged in geometric shapes that indicate widespread...
Excavations are underway at Longvek, a site that was capital of Cambodia after Angkor fell in the 15th century.

New Discoveries at Ancient Cambodian Capital Dispel Old Beliefs

After the Siamese (Thai) people sacked Angkor in 1431 AD, the usual view is that Cambodia descended into a centuries-long dark age of isolation at the new capital its people established, called...
Monumental stone face at Bayon Temple, Cambodia.

Built by Kings, the Ancient Bayon Temple of Cambodia Mixes Spirituality, History and Symbolism

The 12 th century is generally regarded as a period of European decline. In other parts of the world, however, this was certainly not the case. In South East Asia, the Khmer Empire was enjoying its...
Three enormous statue heads unearthed at Banteay Chhmar temple, Cambodia

Three enormous statue heads unearthed at Banteay Chhmar temple, Cambodia

A renovation of Banteay Chhmar temple in Cambodia left workers astounded after three enormous Angkorian-era statue heads were found under half a metre of soil – two intact and one broken. The heads...
Angkor Wat - Panoramic View

90,000 panoramic photos bring to life ancient sites of Cambodia on Google Street View

Google has brought to life the richness and beauty of more than 100 temples built over five centuries and spanning over 400 square kilometres in Angkor, Cambodia, by making the sites accessible in...

New research unravels rise and fall of ancient Cambodian city Mahendraparvata

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE has shed new light on the ancient city of the Khmer Empire era, Mahendraparvata, which was rediscovered in June last year by an Australian team of...
Angkor Wat

Laser Technology Reveals Surprising New Features at Angkor

Utilising the latest cutting-edge technology, archaeologists studying Angkor Wat in northwestern Cambodia have made some surprising new findings , most significantly that the ancient Khmer Empire...
Angkor Wat

The Mysteries of Angkor Wat

Deep into northwest Cambodia is the capital of the ancient Khmer Empire, a great site dedicated to the god Vishnu. It was built by the King Suryavarman the Second (Shield of the Sun) of the Khmer...

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View from the Castle Gate (Burgtor). (Public Domain)
Door surrounded by roots of Tetrameles nudiflora in the Khmer temple of Ta Phrom, Angkor temple complex, located today in Cambodia. (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Cable car in the Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon (CC BY-SA 4.0)