The Nebra Sky Disc

The Secrets of the Nebra Sky Disc

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UNESCO’s interpretation is that the Sky Disc “combines an extraordinary comprehension of astronomical phenomena with the religious beliefs of its period”, enabling us to gain “unique glimpses into the early knowledge of the heavens.”

Featured image: The Nebra Sky Disc. Photo source: Wikipedia

By April Holloway


Nebra Sky Disk – UNESCO Memory of the World

The Nebra Sky Disc – State Office for Heritage, Management and Archaeology

Provenance of the gold of the Early Bronze Age Nebra Sky Disk, central Germany: geochemical characterization of natural gold from Cornwall – European Journal of Mineralogy

Secrets of the Star Disc – BBC

Bronze disk is astronomical clock – Phys Org

Calendar question over star disc - BBC


Nebra Sky Disc

I first saw this disc on Terry Jones' "Barbarians" on TV a few years ago. It was postulated that it was a calendar showing different astronomical phenomena to facilitate among other things agricultural endeavors such as planting. The five stars were postulated to be the Pleiades which rise above the Spring horizon approximately at the time for planting. (For those who state planting could be based upon weather solely should try that theory. Farmers needed accurate methods to find the correct times to plant. If they were wrong the results would be famine. Pore through a modern agricultural almanac and planting by the phases of the moon are still included.)

The disc perhaps was a "portable" astronomical almanac with specific locale. 

No expert here but find the ancients incredible for their astronomical discoveries such as the solstices and equinoxes marking the 4 quarters of the year; the Celtic cross quarter festivals: Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasadh which further equally divide the year into eight parts. 

The level of communication between generations to pass accumulated knowledge to continue the process is staggering. How or why they found this imperative may never be satisfactorily answered but I feel the ancients fascination with the sky both night and day may well be in the beginning may have facilitated the beginnings of abstract thought.


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What a beautiful artefact - I'd never heard of it before I happened upon this article.

Many thanks - fascinating and once again showing us the skill and knowledge of our ancestors.

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Yeah I think we'd all be better off if you kept those thoughts to yourself.

It just so happens that in my Astrological Birth Chart shows a positive movement of exactly 82 degrees, so I would gladly like to know more of what this could mean!!!

I beg to differ as to the disc(k)s being just discs. They are both of an Moon/Sun nature.I could expand my thoughts greatly as to their nature but not too many are ready for it.


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