The Secret Tomb of the First Chinese Emperor

The Secret Tomb of the First Chinese Emperor Remains an Unopened Treasure

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By Ḏḥwty


The so-called "Great Historian" of China has been discredited by a number of period authorities - including myself. He was a propagandist for the Hand dynasty, a pawn who wrote what he was instructed to write. His sources concerning the first dynasty were either hearsay or made up. If interested in the facts of Qin Shi Huang and the first empire, see The School of Sun Tzu - Winning Empires without War. It is available from Amazon

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So are you disputing the nature of the tomb? Or are you just mentioning that the Great Historian was in a fact a Sleazy Propagandist?

I'm not meaning to attack what you said. I am just interested in what you might think about the tomb and its supposed contents. I recall reading that they did detect sizeable amounts of mercury within the still unexplored areas.

Nothing is known for certain about the tomb. Yes, higher levels of mercury have been detected than should be expected. But it is poor history and poor archaeology that takes as gospel the ruminations of one "historian" who wrote his "histories" 100 years after the emperor's life. I point this out only as a caution to those who seek to examine and explain China's first emperor. His story has never been accurately told. Until now. It can be found in The School of Sun Tzu: Winning Empires without War

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Thanks for the reply, and I see what you're saying. It is true that having only one source--and a non-contemporary source at that--is usually considered weak evidence, at best. Not in this case, apparently.

At the risk of sounding somewhat conspiratorially minded, I wonder if this might be one of the reasons they have not actually breached the tomb itself. The Chinese authorities are very carefully managing the historical record found through archaeology within their borders, and the older the site, the more cautious they become. Perhaps they prefer the writings of the "Great Historian" and do not wish to damage his credibility with facts.

I am a student of Sun Tzu, by the way. At least I try to be. I have a much-thumbed copy of The Art of War, and I glean something new from it every time I open it.

China has a huge problem with Qin Shi Huang - and it now does with Mao. The questions are the same for both: What is the truth of their lives and accomplishments? Did they build or break the Chinese people? Where would "China" be without their having lived?

I tend to believe the official line about the tomb though. China does not have the resources or technology to open it. The sad thing is that if they did open it today, they would not understand what they were seeing - because they are convinced what it is (which is my argument). Qin Shi Huang has been portrayed - for over 2000 years - as the ultimate in waste, extravagance, tyranny and violence. It would be impossible today for them to see him as the world's greatest peace maker and nation builder. Which he was.

Ok, I believe I'm a little confused here. Are you debating on whether he was a brutal tyrant that enslaved and killed millions under the guise of debtors prison for his building projects or that it's all a lie and he was really a nice guy and his own people were the bad guys so they poisoned him with mercury because in reality they hated him so much they wanted him to live forever ?!??

He was likely the greatest peacemaker and nation builder the world has ever seen. But in achieving power he offended (and disenfranchised) the Confucians who had controlled the imperial court for centuries. They plotted for his downfall from Day I. I'm not suggesting they assassinated him by poisoning, but it did not take them long to assume full power after his death. And yes, his successors - 100 years later - wrote the history that claimed he was a tyrant and murdered millions.

I didn't see anywhere in this text that said he was a "Great Historian" it said Grand Historian,
and it certainly looks as if nothing has really changed the press and most historians just do the same thing now, so let me ask you where did you get your facts and are you sure they are true?

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I have never written anything that included what could be called "my facts." My writing is solidly built upon research. I use nothing for which I could not find reliable verification. I go one step further. I spend a great deal of time trying to find credible argument against what I am seeing. In that process I do find a lot of varying opinion - and opinion without substantiation I do not use though I may mention it as an example of poor scholarship. As to "nothing having changed" I would agree only with specifics. The propaganda conspiracy of the Chinese second empire was extraordinary, equalled only in my opinion by that of the Nazis. North Korea may also be a contender. I am unaware of others that match this level.

Hi David, good answer however what do you mean by North Korea and the nazis being a contender? we might have a difference of opinion there.

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Both were / are superb propagandists. The Nazis convinced a majority of the German people that they were the only chance they had (reminiscent of another, much more recent, political movement). North Korea on the other hand is abe to keep both China and the USA at bay, allowing the country to keep doing exactly what it wants, without interference.

Competent historians assert that Qin Shi Huang DID NOT build the Great Wall. He merely connected some separate parts of existing walls. The stories of thousands dying building the Great Wall for him are nonsense. Also, it is also now generally agreed among these same historians that he did not "bury scholars" and "burn books." These allegations were also generated by the Confucians who succeeded him in the second empire.

I would be interested in looking over your source material if you could be so kind as to provide it.

Looks like this site has lifted its prohibition of URLs. Have a look at my report on Qin Shi Huang - your comments appreciated.

Hello Vlad - I'd like to post my URL but that is not allowed. Go to amazon and search "the school of sun tzu" - you'll find it all there.

These are Caucasian remnants... The Chinese Government has been covering this up for generations. The facts are there, before the Chinese population exploded there was Caucasians. And they influenced what we would say is Chinese culture today the Buddhist religion for one is wrongly accredited to the Asian race.

I am curious Angle as to your sources for asserting that the remains of the Yellow emperor as Caucasian (white). I would also be interested as to how your claim of the traditional teaching of the Buddha are not from India. I am guessing of course that you believe these teaching are also Caucasian (white) as well. After all you are a proud english christian individual.

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