Mysteries of the Kingdom of Shambhala

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Himalayan Mountains

According to Buddhist traditions, Shambhala is located in the Himalayan Mountains. Photo source: Wikipedia.

For some, the fact that Shambhala has never been found has a very simple explanation – many believe that Shambhala lies on the very edge of physical reality, as a bridge connecting this world to one beyond it.

While many disregard Shambhala as the fanciful subject of myth and legend, for others, a belief in Shambhala stirs an inner yearning to one day find this utopian kingdom.

Featured image: An artist’s depiction of Shambhala. Photo credit:   Naughty Dog-Uncharted

By April Holloway


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Regardless of the culture, the belief in an underground realm somewhere deep within a mountain can be found. These underground cities are most often associated with the dead, as a place the soul goes to once life comes to an end. Whether it is called Hades, Tartarus, Xibalba, Duat, Patala or Hell each correlates to the myths and legends associated with Shambhala.

True, however there are quite a few "underground" cities that have been found, and it stands to reason that there are many that we will never find due to avalanches and the such.
Id say the asian mythology probably refers to it but for instance the greeks had their own "underground" places or towns built into cliff faces as did alot of other cultures, id say its streaching it a little bit far to say they all come from this one perticular myth.
Then again you have "Dr" in your name and im just a Lemon, so what do i know ;P

Bitter, I love the sarcasm because it shows that you can take of the mask that would suggest to others that you are a nice person and just be yourself. Nice people repress their true thoughts and feelings and in doing this the pressure of all that anger and bitterness builds and usually comes out in passive aggressive ways....ways that hurt others, punish them so that they do not know why they are being punished. The reason has to remain hidden because if it came out then a solution to the anger might have to be found and then the passive aggressive anger and hate would not have a foundation anymore.
Why do I mention topic? Not really. The Kingdom is found within. Only by knowing yourself and understanding why you and others do what they do requires a lot of time in introspection and self analysis. Over time the metaphysical becomes more real, what starts out as vague impressions become obvious and you know it is not just your imagination. The world around you changes and there is a euphoria, a bliss that makes you have a sense that everything is alright. "Darkness flees before you" and you are able to discern evil and see it for what it is. Evil does not least not for me at this point, but it does not have the power to influence me or my life so much anymore, The shades of grey that I used to see now are clear black and white. The other day I came across a snake skin. I did not realize that the cornea of the eyes are actually shed along with the entire external skin, even the mouth edges. When I think about the fact that before that skin was shed that cloudiness over the snakes corneas had to really interfere with its vision. I have the impression that this paradise can be seen when the black smoke of Typhon clears, when that cloudy surface over the corneas is shed. It is not really a place, it is an awakening of the consciousness in the fifth dimension....the Sleeping Beauty that lays dreaming in this world.....I do not think we have to die to go to heaven.
Six years ago I started yoga and my heart chakra started to open....I had about two months of incredible bliss. as it started to go away I was confused....I thought I was coming into enlightenment....why was it leaving me. Then I read in the Lotus Sutra about a master leading people to find a treasure and they grew weary. So, he created a temporary paradise so they could rest, they did not want to leave, so he caused the paradise to disappear so they would continue their journey to find the treasure. What I had was the peacock phase in Alchemy....these last six years since then have been hell for me. I ended my marriage and quit my job as an ER physician, I have lived in solitude unable to stand to be around people. Two years living as a vagrant in a national forest wondering if I have totally lost my mind....while I read all I could trying to understand what was going on with me.
The Kingdom is within, but I suspect that as we progress into the new age of Aquarius, there will be some major changes in the external world as well.

I will add.....during my search for understanding, I have come across some who promote the idea that there are Ascended Masters....some of whom live in Mount Shasta. I have encountered people who worship Baphomet, and practice dark magic...tantra and vampirism (not just blood, but also the vital life force of people who are unaware of what is happening). So as a woman of wisdom, a Physiatrist advises, if some one next to you makes you feel drained or bad....move away from them. So, if someone were to tell me they have found this hidden city, I would have to suspect that they belong to the black lodge

As a theologian, I can read about Shambhala in several passages of Jewish/Christian Bible. Has a Special passage in Epistle to the Hebrews Cap. 11:38.
The King James Bible Updated
Walked as refugees, wandering the deserts and mountains, by caves and holes in the ground. People of whom the world was not worthy!
There develops the same idea of those saints of the past that no longer conformed with the mundane lifestyle of humanity, then they retreat to a place of isolation and retreat, in the bowels of the Earth. Has a dual emphasis in which the translators Simply did not know explore the deeper meaning, just put "CAVES and dens of Earth."


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