Sunken city in Cuba

What Happened to the Sunken City of Cuba?

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Just over a decade ago, a team of explorers were working on an exploration and survey mission off the western coast of Cuba when their sonar equipment picked up a perplexing series of stone structures lying some 650 metres below the surface.  The structures appeared completely analogous against the barren ‘desert’ of the ocean floor and seemed to show symmetrically organized stones reminiscent of an urban development. A media flurry soon ensued with news sites sporting headlines such as ‘Atlantis Discovered in Cuba’ and ‘Lost City of the Caribbean Found’. However, the finding also attracted the attention of the government, national museum, and national geographic, who all made promises to investigate the strange sonar images. Now, ten years on, the story has disappeared into obscurity. What ever happened to the sunken ‘ruins’ of Cuba? Were they ever fully investigated? And why has the media fallen silent on this unusual discovery?

The discovery was first made in 2001 when Pauline Zalitzki, a marine engineer, and her husband Paul Weinzweig, owners of a Canadian company called Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), were working on a survey mission in conjunction with the Cuban government off the tip of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula in the Pinar del Río Province of Cuba. ADC was one of four firms working in a joint venture with President Fidel Castro's government to explore Cuban waters, which hold hundreds of treasure-laden ships from the Spanish colonial era. The team was using advanced sonar equipment to scan a 2 square kilometre area of the sea floor when they noticed a series of symmetrical and geometric stone structures resembling an urban complex.

Map of the sunken city in Cuba

Map showing location of supposed ancient city discovered by Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki. Image source .

Upon studying the sonar images, Zalitzki observed what appeared to be unusual formations of smooth blocks, crests, and geometric shapes. Some of the blocks looked like they were built in pyramid shapes, others were circular. 

In July 2001, they returned to the site with geologist Manuel Iturralde, senior researcher of Cuba's Natural History Museum, this time equipped with a Remotely Operated Vehicle to examine and film the structures. The images revealed large blocks of stone resembling hewn granite, measuring about 8 feet by 10 feet. Some blocks appeared deliberately stacked atop one another, others appeared isolated from the rest. Zalitzki said that the images appeared to reflect the ruins of a submerged city but was reluctant to draw any conclusions without further evidence.

“These are extremely peculiar structures, and they have captured our imagination,” said Iturralde, who has studied countless underwater formations. “But if I had to explain this geologically, I would have a hard time.”

Estimating that it would have taken 50,000 years for such structures to have sunken to the depth at which they were said to be found, Iturralde added "50,000 years ago there wasn't the architectural capacity in any of the cultures we know of to build complex buildings." A specialist in underwater archaeology at Florida State University added "It would be cool if they were right, but it would be real advanced for anything we would see in the New World for that time frame. The structures are out of time and out of place."

In the media storm that followed the announcement of the discovery, news sites were quick to draw parallels with the fabled lost city of Atlantis. However, Zelitsky and Weinzweig were unwilling to make such comparisons.  The story is myth, said Zelitsky. "What we have found is more likely remnants of a local culture," once located on a 100-mile "land bridge" that joined Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula with Cuba.  Iturralde added that there are local legends of the Maya and native Yucatecos that tell of an island inhabited by their ancestors that vanished beneath the waves. Nevertheless, Iturralde does not discount the possibility that the rock formations are merely the result of the wonders of Mother Nature. “Nature is able to create some really unimaginable structures,” he said.

Despite hundreds of media outlets reporting on sunken cities, advanced civilizations, the lost city of Atlantis, and submerged ruins, there are others who are not so willing to accept this point of view.  Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews from the debunking website Bad Archaeology, claimed that the depth of the alleged remains are the biggest problem for the sunken city proponents. During the Pleistocene, which was characterised by a series of ice ages, sea levels dropped significantly, but the maximum drop was around 100 metres .

At no point during the Ice Age would it have been above sea level unless, of course, the land on which they stand has sunk. This is the claim made for Atlantis: according to Plato’s account, it was destroyed “by violent earthquakes and floods”. However, if we take Plato at his word – as we must if we assume Atlantis to have been an historical place – the violence of its sinking makes it improbable that an entire city could have survived plunging more than 600 m into an abyss,” writes Fitzpatrick-Matthews.


how much does it take to send an ROV down there? it cant have been that much that nobody in 13 years has gone to take a peek...

It doesn't fit into mainstream archeology, so therefore there in no big money in looking into it, just like the Egyptian artifacts found in the USA.

This underwater city has to be very old, far more than 50,000 years. Cuba, it the extreme ancient past was in the Pacific Ocean. The three pyramids seem to be closer together than in Giza. We suggest an examination of the position of the Orion belt in the ancient past to confirm the date.

We can not do this because we do not have access to more accurate data on both the sunken city and the ancient location of the stars in Orion. We think, however, that the date may be millions of years old. We have confirmed a date of just under 66 million years for the cities of Tulum and Chechen Itza in the Yucatan in Mexico.

Who is this "we" you speak of? Just curious because Tulum is less than a thousand years old being occupied only as early as 1200 AD and Chechen Itza is less than 2000 years old being first occupied around 600 AD. 66 million years old, really?

Although I agree that 66 million years does seem a bit extreme, I just can't believe that Chichen Itza is less than 2000 years old.
I recently visited and was shocked to hear from our guide that it wasn't considered to be older.
Apparently Chichen Itza began to flourish and gained importance in the region around 600 AD, so my guess is that it was constructed many many years before that.
The same goes for the pyramids and sphinx in Egypt, these monuments are so much older than anyone would like to admit.
I just don't get why this information is being deliberately held from us? There is obviously a damaging truth to the system that's being hidden from us mere mortals.

I would like to submit an article. How many words do you accept as a feature story and who should I submit it to? It is on the topic of our Star Origins and integration of the soul complex into the new multi dimensional grid outside of space/time third dimension.

I would also like to talk to the publisher of this newsletter on my radio show.

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Hi Deborah, Please email us through the Contact page (link on top menu) to discuss your proposals.


April Holloway


Another case of unsupported dismissiveness. It's quite possible it's a natural formation, but if the computer generated graphic, above is an accurate representation, then I'd say the so-called experts were too quick to dismiss it.

Expeditions take money. I can understand the reticence of some scientists, but they should not dismiss it so easily. A more scientific and honest stance would be, "We don't know, but we're not going to spend the money to dig deeper."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if scientists were brave enough and humble enough to admit a lack of knowing rather than claiming it's natural? So much junk or pseudoscience is created by scientists when they don't take the same care and peer-review rigor to dismiss something as they do to support a thesis. Dismissal is given some special "blank check" of immunity allowing all manner of logical fallacies to be used and accepted.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Mission:Atlantis. Such dismissive "scientists" do a disservice to their colleagues and to the entire field. That sort of unscientific approach just raises skepticism. What ever happened to honest inquiry?

Why is it so hard for so-called scientists to admit that they do not know as much as they think they do? When faced with an ancient building, which could not have been built in modern times, they sink to such platitudes as "out of place and out of time". Wouldn't it be easier to say, "Well, we'll just have to amend our thinking on this one"?

But science isn't a religion. Right? Right? lol

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And that's just it, there is no amended thinking allowed.

Studies done by various independent researchers covering a wide range of historical topics have been done, and these studies are laughed at, downplayed, thrown out, you name it, and all because they do not fit into the accepted view. Well, the accepted view is as false as that word could ever describe. 

What it is, is a supression of the truth. There are those who know what that truth is, and they are the ones who are supressing it. The truth is for them to know, and for you never to find out. 

The Great Pyramid of Geza is MUCH older then what is taught, and hasconnections with many other ancient monuments worldwide. The Exodus occured during the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, not during the New Kingdom under Ramesis II (try Ra-mosis). These are just two examples of what I speak ....

Does anyone ever wonder in studying the history of Ancient Egypt, with the beginning of the New Kingdom under the 18th Dynasty, why the name, or variations of the name "Mosis" is so popular amongst the Pharoahs ? Ahmose, Kamose, Tothmosis, and continuing with the 19th dynasty Ramesis/Ramosis. Remember, it follows the last Middle Kingdom dynasty, the 17th, which the 18th is actually a contiuation of. The name Mosis left an undelible mark on the minds of the Egyptians, it was a name attached to great power in meaning, a result of the Exodus occuring just previous in time.

Truth is not to be known by ordinary people because it shakes the very foundations of the accepted view, a view that is a lie that has been fostered upon us. Knowledge is power, and those who have power do not want to share it. 

Peti Miklos

Ugh don't drag religion into it, makes you sound uneducated and like a conspiracy nut

Peti Miklos's picture

Tell me birdlime, just where do you see anything about religion in my comment above ? Tell me, truly I would like to know !!

Furthermore, If I so choose to speak of religion, or of Adonai Elohim Yehovah, I will do so !!! .. And no one, especially some person with atheistic tendencies is going to tell me otherwise. Also, if I do, I will definitely sound much more educated than will ever be possible for you !!!!!

As far as “conspiracy nut” is concerned, I do not deal in conspiracies, I deal in FACTS !!!!

Peti Miklos

Never was an "exodus". Didn't happen. As a matter of FACT you can take the entirety of the Old Testament to be the myths of different cultures(Sumerians, Egyptian and Iranian etc) fraudulently knitted together to support the aspirations of one tribe that otherwise would be unheard of today.

Actually, it's agreed that an exodus did occur but on a smaller scale. Also, much of the old testament post-genesis is based on historical fact such as the historic kingdoms of Israel and Judea and their various wars.

Very nice answer. Then again the internet is full with arrogant and ignorant military atheists.They just don't realize that they are not much different than the extreme religious fanatic. Truly intelligent people like yourself are open minded.

SO True. You have to search to find the truth about humanity's past AND apply some common sense.

I think the whole content of the article is people saying they aren't sure what it is. How can you get to the truth without discussing the possibilities and the plus and negatives to the likelihood of each of those possibilities.

Why is it that some people automatically jump to the most fantastical conclusions and don't consider the more mundane explanations when confronted with something that isn't yet well explained. It's always some fantastic story about aliens or some ancient civilisations with technology compareable to todays as explanations for the unknown on this website.

The article makes no mention of the size of the "city". What's the scale on the picture?

It does sound like they are surpressing information once again as there are no answers WHATSOEVER! I bet you any money if you funded a private team of investigators & got the equipment there would be some kind of naval vessel (probably US) to greet you and turn you away (or shoot you knowing the military) or I bet you just couldn't get permission to go out there otherwise someone surely would have by now?!!

Peti Miklos's picture

Your absolutely right Rich, truth is surpressed. It is an old game played by those in power in order to retain the truth on certain subjects for themselves only. The people are to believe only that which they are told. This has only gone on for thousands of years, so if it comes as a surprise to anyone it is simply because they are totally unaware, and choose to remain unaware. This is called ignorance.

Peti Miklos

@ Rich Wright - if you intend to keep posting here, try to lay off the drugs.

Tsurugi's picture

Do you actually know anyone who isn't "on drugs" of one kind or another? Seems like everyone is on opiates or amphetamines or steroids or anti-depressants or anti-anxieties or ambien or xanax or ritalin or aderol or something, along with their normal daily caffeine and nicotine and sugar and alcohol. And of course there are the many internally concocted and administered cocktails of the human body, the adrenalines and the dopamines and the di-methyl-triptamines and whatnot....

So really, I'd suggest to you that, if you intend to keep posting here, you should be on some drugs. Join the human race. We were all trolls once, till we found psychedelics, some 30-40,000 years ago. You can do it too..

oh how I rolled
thanks for the laugh!

nothing new under the sun and all that jazzy suppression.

To April and everyone else: Just a heads up, If you go into Google Earth you will find the entire Golf of Guanahabibes has been smudged clean. Natural formations my a....!

aprilholloway's picture

Hi John, very interesting! Thanks for the update.

I guess the paradigm filter is operating again. Is R. J. Archer still operating his "Mega blog"? I seem to remember that Hemingway's brother Leicester reported spotting another site near Cuba (either north or south) from the air many years ago. The evidence of Yonaguni, the Gulf of Cambay, and other sites should be enough to re-write archeology. Surely there must be a billionaire out there with the balls to defy the establishment and properly investigate Mega.

Daniel Moore

The Pacific and Atlantic don't have the same sea level and Drake Passage was once a land bridge where the Antarctic Circumpolar current flows massive amounts of water to the Atlantic Ocean. I know there is the question of duration, but has anyone considered possible pre-Drake Passage into the equation on its own merits?

If we all want to know what is REALLY down there in the depths, just start a rumor saying there is gold down there, riches beyond your wildest dreams, then maybe you'll get something done, better yet, oil, lol. Even though we all know the real treasure is knowledge, though it seems to be an unviable commodity in this Neo Capitalist climate...

i say sunken city. where i live in northeast alabama was once an ocean. i have found numerous ancient
sea fossils in the 'chert' ridges around my home. and my house sits right at 1000 feet above sea level.
one theory, my own, that city was an island like the mayan history states and this area was an ocean
when the teutonic plates tilted. it didn't happen in a flash or take 50,000 years. i say more like a matter
of months. maybe a few years. but slow enough that the structures weren't subjected to as strong a
local earthquake as we may think. a bit off subject, but why was that point chosen as the start of
latitude and longitude mapping? why that particular point of 0n/0s x 0e/0w?

I agree with you since my sister owned a farm on a hill in Lafayette, NY and we climbed this hill where the fossils of sea floor shells used to be around. Well, I am from Syracuse, NY and the Sea Level at the airport is 536 feet above sea level. Add more height in Lafayette. Perhaps at 575 to 600 feet above where those fossils are and it is quite interesting find you would find fossils up high and old ruins of cities in the water like the Sunken City of Cuba. There are many other cities under seas like in India, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Northern Europe between UK and the Nordic countries that was featured in Nat Geo magazine not too long ago.

I have a theory that sea level were much lower at some point and several times at different levels. So, I totally understands your point of view.

Hi UPNYTT, I agree with you - I also believe that the topology of the land has changed drastically. This phenomenon is mentioned in the Book of Mormon, which most people dismiss as a "religious" book. Obviously, it IS primarily a religious book, but it's also a historical record of the ancient Americas, so it's pretty interesting secularly as well. A couple of chapters that mention the topological changes on this continent (if you are interested) are the the 14th chapter of the book of Helaman (Google "Helaman 14") and the 8th chapter of the book of Third Nephi ("3 Nephi 8").

Google actively airbrushes the satellite views of the world map. You can see crystal clear images of the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico directly next to blurred airbrushed light blue. The oceans obviously rose drastically at some time in the past. The old 'land' masses are well defined. The gulf of Mexico was much smaller at some time in the distant past. When? Well, mainstream science isn't talking because that would upset their 'linear advancement' doctrine. It would also provide evidence of ancient cultures and destroy the biblical meme of the 5-6000 year old earth. Religion has a large stake in keeping ancient civilization out of the picture and covered up. If I were one of the weathiest institutions on the planet, and I made my fortune on lies, I'd labor to keep truth covered up too.

It's being ignored because it doesn't fit into 'science's party line'.

If Port Royal can sink into the sea, I see it as possible that Cuba's city could have also. I understand the question of destruction, but is it possible that an entire "shelf" just "fell off"? I'm no scholar, but I think we should be looking at different possible scenarios.

There are more than just one city that were sunken. You also must remember about the roads in the Bahamas, Minos Island in Greece, Japan, several cities along coast line of India, and of course, the land mass north of Europe that was connecting UK to Europe and Nordic countries. To me, clearly sea water level were much lower in the past. I know scientists will not accept Christian Biblical account of the Great Flood and period before the flood. Let's listen for now. You see, I figured this that I do not think many knew this: there were larger land mass before the Great Flood and they did not rain before the flood. The world's first rain was during Noah's time. There are so many stories about global flooding in tribes stories so it CAN back up the Biblical story.

You see, the water used to be in the ground and it was uprooted spouting out of the ground in great force. It liquified land because of the quakes to break open the water. land sank because they were sink holes. It collapse. Then you see, now water is ON top of land instead of UNDER ground. It is flipping over slowly now. More water, less land. People in science are correct on that part. They should figure it out about the flood.

If you were taught that the continental shelf were there around continents, that was the old coastal lines before the Great Flood. Some were dramatically changed coastal line due to disasters. Modern day incident of city or land sinking was evidenced with Japan quake and the waves destruction few years ago that part of Japan was actually sunken into sea.

New Orleans should have been a sunken city because it is sinking slowly and because of the breach of its dike, it was clearly in entire America's history that the land was actually sunken.

Holland is another. Rising sea would actually buried that country long ago if there were dikes and barriers.

See, those quick landscaping changes can occur.

Now back to the Cuban sunken city with the buildings still intact, likely it was built on low lands and could have caused by several factors including hurricane flooding, sinking, (remember those area including Florida has no rocks and were perhaps floating like Florida is) and had sink holes.

That lost city was more like New Orleans, Holland, and other ancient sunken cities and land.

Lost Atlantis? Maybe because Plato said it is situated near two pillars or 2 land mass. It was between Cuba and Mexico. Plato said it happened so much longer ago and they said sunken city happened so much longer ago too... so it made sense it HAS to be Atlantis.

Now with the opening to Cuba for American government and people, maybe we can get something more about this city? I pray so!

I found more source related to this sunken city. I noticed Mapquest has new website format and of course, if you zoom to a certain times close to Earth, you can clearly see the city in the water. but if you zoom too close, its all blured out blue. Does not make any sense. It is similar to Google with the blur out.

We need to research for any online Sat photos and use that. It would be helpful.

These structures were sunk at the end of the last Ice Age when a huge amount of water
rushed south from Lake Agassiz, carving the Mississippi River and flooding into the land-
locked Caribbean (it was joined to the Yucatan). The enormous amount of water eroded
the land bridge and the remnant sank in situ. Then the Atlantic could flow in and out of the
Gulf of Mexico. The water became much warmer and began to flow north east up the coast
of America, becoming the Gulf Stream. The Russian explorers of the 70s said that the Gulf
Stream did not flow before 15,000 years ago. When the warm water got up past Iceland, it
caused the melting of the Scandinavian ice cap, which took thousands of years. The Oera
Linda Book records what happened there as the ice melted, forming a huge freshwater lake
that later became sea water when the Baltic Sea joined to the Atantic.

Ok some say the truth is hidden from us and ask them selve why, i do the same, but lets look upon why this happens.
I personaly think it is all about pride,power and not able to see beyond personal gain.
Most scientist around the world including our world leaders, play a game of power, who has the most power to say what is treu and what is not, after all who who controls the media tells the truth in their opinion, but is not the truth to so many of us as we see it in a different perspective.
They play games over lives who dies and who lives, they dont see it that way beacuse they are clouded by others who say what needs to be done, and all don't seem to see the big picture, we are all human we all breath the same air and walk the same earth, but then why do some destroy the word human in it's fabrick and roots, why do they lie to those who elected them,why don't they see that we all want a better life,for our self and for our children and children's children,a better future for this planet.
You see that the same with archeloegy,scientist,politicians etc etc they think in what they thought was treu at that time, they have learned not step out of those bounderies, or you wil be riddiculed and destroyed.
Yes they live in fear, they don't see it that way, because they just want to live, no questions ask, despite the truth that lies in front of their nose, they choose to remain silent, and that truly is a huge problem around the world, there are to many silent voices, that in term gives power to those who peak their personal mind about what is true and what is not.
I have personaly worked with prof,scientist,nobel price winners, from all around the world, but we all seem to agree that they are guided between rules that might not be true in the first place. they are not allowed to go off track and if they do, they get firred or even die in misterious surcomstences, we all have seen those things happen, if you know where to look for.
Those who lie and hide the truth think they can get away with it, they think they are untouchable, perfect in any way better then you and everyone else, and that is the flaw in their mistakes.
They seem to forget that they are also humans, they are not better then anyone else, they are not god, they just have a god complex, they make mistakes and it is up to you to spot those mistakes, and use it against them to show them how human they are, it makes them go in rage, and start making more mistakes, until the truth reveals it self by one huge mistake that strips them of their power over you and this world.
Thats the same with discoveries, we hear some part of it, and then suddenly it stops, it is up to just one who dares to speak his/her mind who was there and who has the proof.
Thats the same with wiki leaks, now they hide the truth from us, power got to them and they use it as a form of presure to strike fear in those who do not htink for them self but for others who mean harm to us all, they now have become a pupet of their own greed for power.
Now is ask again the question to you do you wish to have a future for this planet, do you want your children to be able to breath fresh air, food on the table and clean water for all.
Then get of your ass, and start casting your words and your thoughts to your elected politicans and emeand the truth, and if they dont see it that way they wil declare martial law, and that is when you have where you want them, because they have shown their true face.
Remember remaining silent is no option any more, out scientist are controled, our politcians have their own agenda, and out world is filled with lies, deaths,wars,and finaly ends up with the destuction of this world, and all that for their short term greed for power and money.
Don't you see, you have become a pupet of lies, they shaped and formed you in a position where they want you to be, silent because of fear, obediant because of fear,tripped of personal thinking because of fear, and it wil end in the death of the human kind because of that same fear that made you silent.
Demand the truth, see threu the lies, look further beyond the lenght of your nose, think of the future of this planet.
Why do you think Ciguatera poisening suddenly pops up,it happens to over fishing, around the pasific island thay know, when they have fished to long at a given spot they have to move along to another spot, or run the risk of gettting Ciguatera poisening, don't you see it's all connected and also here they hide the real thruth whats realy going on.
At this givven rate i'm afraid the world wil be througn back to the stone age, and it wont be long less then 50 years,you will see it if you live that long, the world is going to be a dead planet if we the people do not act, and stop the lies and the real truth is givven to the people that includes the past historyof this planet.
Nature preserves it self, no matter what, and it is just time for nature to strike again with another desease to depopulate the human race, we are with to many, so many that it cannot sustain it self, not enough food clean water at one place, to mutch at anohter place, and who wil die those who have to mutch, for the simple reason that we cannot survive without others, we have l;ost our way as human beeing and it all started with lies and fear, that brought us to the present time of planetary decay.
You wil see, after ebola,birdfleu and others Ciguatera poped out od no where, the next one wil be more deadly then the previous one.
So now you say whe where taking about the sunken city near cube, don't you see they just want to hide the true history, beacuse what happend in the past is happening again right now, it is not the first time that overpopulation killed a state of mind and development, we had seven before us and we are going to be the 8th that again thouws us back in the stone age, we have grown beyond earths capabilty to sustain so many, thats also what happend to that city near cuba, to big to sustain it self.

Impossible for nature to make such diverse geometric forms in one place. If it was impossible for this construction to have been built by humans and it is no longer spoken of by official sources despite the obvious wonder it is, we can only think of a cover-up of an extraterrestrial city based on witnesses of paranormal events in that region called the Triangle of Bermuda.

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