Sunken city in Cuba

What Happened to the Sunken City of Cuba?

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If we assume that he is right and that these stone structures do not reflect an ancient submerged city but are simply products of nature, then surely geologists and other scientists would be quick to jump on the finding and investigate what freakish event of nature caused such peculiar formations.  Strangely, however, there have been no reported follow-up investigations and news outlets have gone deathly silent on the matter. What happened to all the promises from the government, national museum, National Geographic, and other scientists to carry out further surveys?

The quick dismissal of the story has led some to question whether there has been a suppression of information regarding the finding. However, Fitzpatrick-Matthews claims the story simply went cold and that in the end experts were not convinced that Zelitsky had really discovered a sunken city.

Featured image: Reconstructed Image taken from the sonar scan of the sea floor off the coast of Cuba.


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By April Holloway


It does sound like they are surpressing information once again as there are no answers WHATSOEVER! I bet you any money if you funded a private team of investigators & got the equipment there would be some kind of naval vessel (probably US) to greet you and turn you away (or shoot you knowing the military) or I bet you just couldn't get permission to go out there otherwise someone surely would have by now?!!

Peti Miklos's picture

Your absolutely right Rich, truth is surpressed. It is an old game played by those in power in order to retain the truth on certain subjects for themselves only. The people are to believe only that which they are told. This has only gone on for thousands of years, so if it comes as a surprise to anyone it is simply because they are totally unaware, and choose to remain unaware. This is called ignorance.

Peti Miklos

@ Rich Wright - if you intend to keep posting here, try to lay off the drugs.

Tsurugi's picture

Do you actually know anyone who isn't "on drugs" of one kind or another? Seems like everyone is on opiates or amphetamines or steroids or anti-depressants or anti-anxieties or ambien or xanax or ritalin or aderol or something, along with their normal daily caffeine and nicotine and sugar and alcohol. And of course there are the many internally concocted and administered cocktails of the human body, the adrenalines and the dopamines and the di-methyl-triptamines and whatnot....

So really, I'd suggest to you that, if you intend to keep posting here, you should be on some drugs. Join the human race. We were all trolls once, till we found psychedelics, some 30-40,000 years ago. You can do it too..

oh how I rolled
thanks for the laugh!

nothing new under the sun and all that jazzy suppression.


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