Underwater World (Public Domain) and ruins of the Palace of Sayil, Yucatan. (Rose Vekony/CC BY-SA 3.0); Deriv

Atlantis Unearthed – Do Surprising Underwater Scans Show Lost Architecture on the Sea Floor?

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In his poems of the Iliad, the Greek Philosopher Homer introduces us to the mythical city of Troy, which remained a curiosity to many until the late 1870s when Heinrich Schliemann, on a hunch, began excavating the remains of an ancient city in Turkey. Although he was an amateur archaeologist and his methods were considered somewhat outlandish, Schliemann would evidentially find Troy and confirm its place in history.

Most historians consider Plato’s description of Atlantis, written in Timaeus, was simple story-telling as told to him by Solon, an Athenian traveler, and not a true place in Earth’s historic past. And yet, on closer inspection, we learn that Solon had heard about Atlantis from Egyptian priests who described the true antiquity of Earth and civilizations that had come and gone in the distant past. 

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis from Mundus Subterraneus (1669) drawn with south at the top.

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis from Mundus Subterraneus (1669) drawn with south at the top. ( Public Domain )

Advanced Ancient Society

Down through the ages, Atlantis has captured the imaginations of countless authors and investigators, and today is considered a fable and described in negative or pseudo-scientific terms by conventional scientists. But dismissing Atlantis is a mistake, and the evidence of very old and highly advanced people in the Americas and other parts of the world are important to consider.

It’s difficult for us to imagine a great culture which existed over 10,000 years ago and the contributions they might have made to the world, and yet for those who live in or have visited Mexico, they know there are countless examples of very old, anomalous buildings and pyramid complexes constructed with an engineering prowess that is lost in time; the Maya are a classic example. Although we know very little of their history, their mathematics, engineering, and other sciences were highly advanced, without obviously known periods of development. It’s as if they appeared magically complete, with all their advances and characteristics of a complex society in place from day one.

Because of the tragic destruction of hundreds of Maya codices, technical manuals and records of their history, we are left to wonder at the evolution of this fascinating culture.

The Sleeping Prophet – Edgar Cayce

As the host of the popular podcast Earth Ancients, a program that investigates Earth’s ancient history, I’ve been fortunate to interview many of today’s most gifted authors, researchers, investigators, and scientists. Atlantis has been a theme covered on numerous occasions, as well as its probable influence on other cultures around the world. Invariably when the subject of Atlantis is broached, and the great psychic Edgar Cayce comes up for discussion. 

Edgar Cayce in October 1910, when this photograph appeared on the front page of The New York Times.

Edgar Cayce in October 1910, when this photograph appeared on the front page of The New York Times. ( Public Domain )

Known to many as the Sleeping Prophet, Cayce was an American trans-channel, who in the 1920s to 1940s claimed to be able to access a level of consciousness which could view the lives of an individual through their many incarnations on earth. In these readings, Cayce was said to travel to a certain lifetime and describe traumas, injuries or other conditions which were affecting the wellness of a person in the present time. Hundreds of these readings were said to have occurred during a period when the continent of Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean. During the readings, Cayce also described a highly advanced technology which was developed around piezoelectric science and that powered flying machines, land and submarine craft, as well as a variety of devices and weapons.

When asked about the location of Atlantis, Cayce described it as having had three distinct periods:  100,000+ years, 28,000 years, and roughly 12,000 years ago—each phase of land change resulting from terrible earthquakes and land shifts. He said one of the great cities of Atlantis, Poseidia, was positioned in the Caribbean Ocean, in what is present day Bimini Islands. In 1940, Cayce predicted that Poseidia would re-emerge again in the late 1960s, complete with its temples and other buildings.

During his lifetime, Cayce and his followers built an organization around his readings which included a hospital. Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) was formed to house the thousands of hours of readings, develop numerous health remedies, and to provide an institution for higher learning. Over the years, a number of people have searched for the remains of Atlantis only to fall short in their expectations.


130 feet is just about within the limit for most scuba divers. From a layman's perspective, it seems like it would be a relatively simple matter to establish exactly what is there.

They are right on as to finding the lost Atlantis. This is the far eastern part of this lost world. It appears that the so-called politically correct archaeologist's are not wanting to find this. For why they aren't interested , I can only guess.

British author Murry Hope had written a good book about Atlantis.

I've often wondered if the sun worshiping cultures around the globe of antiquity were linked to meteor calamity. So, say an advanced civilization suddenly underwent a time of meteors hitting the earth- that civilization becomes barbaric to survive..... then one day the sun finally appears again and living becomes easier. Thus sun worship.

Modern science believes that there was a Bering land bridge where the straights now are. I think we should take them at their word, and then look for other now-submerged land masses that would have been above water at that time. Bimini, the Polynesian land mass, the Mid-Atlantic ridge to name a few.

This coupled with similarities between Plato's description of Atlantis and the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan as was described by Cortes; the name of the lost Aztec homeland, Atzlan(tis?) and how it was lost. There is no reason to believe these ancient lands didn't exist in some form.

Yeah. Right. So, according to the picture, Atlantis is apparently guarded by vicious, and deadly, Neon Tetras? Where did they find it, in a pet shop? :P

Your nickname and comment about the topic don't fit at all.

Actually. Kerem, it totally does. IF you had bothered to notice the fish in the picture, you would have OBSERVED that they are Neon Tetras, a popular fish kept in aquariums as pets, and that the "Atlantis" in the picture was a prop for an example of said aquarium.

Anyone thick enough to buy notion that the picture is of Atlantis needs serious psychiatric help. And that, dear Kerem, includes YOU.

Nice try :P lol

I see that Bob is referring to the illustration obviously shot of an aquarium with an ornament someone saw fit to illustrate as an example of "Atlantean" architecture. This is misleading if one believes this is supposed to show an actual underwater shot.

Was Plato right? Besides the sea levels rising from the melt of the continental ice sheets world wide we had a special event occur in the Gulf of Mexico about 11,600 years ago plus or minus a few years. The catastrophic floods that came down the Mississippi Estuary back then loaded the Gulf with trillions of tons of eroded sand and gravel from North America. This went on for several thousand years until the last straw was placed in the Gulf. The earths crust here could no longer support the trillions of tons of flood debris. The earths crust collapsed in the Gulf from this extreme weight in a night and a day. In some places several thousand feet down. If you were living here on what was once dry land you would have little or no warning that this subsidence event was about to occur. The few survivors would say there was a great flood, not knowing that the land under neath them had sunk. This is why the ancient stone structures are being found by the Canadian explorers and others. This long ago event is a fact, ask any oil exploration geologist and they will tell you.

i live in the driftless area of wisconsen and the pure weight of the ice to the north lifted diffrent parts of the lands in strange ways so we never had any glacial scaring.your comments make it clear to me.

Wheres the scan pictures??? Just another GET YOUR ATTENTION regurgitated story. Atlantis was real, but this story is BS

NOT Atlantis, but probably one of it's extended outpost towns. Atlantis was more towards Europe and North Africa, as per the Plato story goes. Yes, that place of the East coat of Florida, in Bimini waters was a port town/city, and also of the West coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, are remains of indian settlements. MOST of the Gulf of Mexico was once dry land, and so was much of the shore line off the East coats of Florida. For what ever reason, most likely the Great Flood spoke of in all worldly civilizations, is what caused the lose of such wonderful places.

I don't know anything about scuba diving but it makes sense to me that someone could drop a camera (perhaps with a strobe unit) and shoot a few pictures. Doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult.

You lose all credibility when you keep referring to the psychic as "Edgar Casey".

It's Cayce, as listed in the description of the photo.

One can not have a continent in the middle of the ocean if there is no continental crust for it to sit on. Plato describes A very large catastorphic subsidence event somewhere west of the European Continent. We need to be a detective an look for where such a subsidence could occur west of Europe. The only place we find is across the Atlantic, South or North America. Next we need to find places where you could have subsidence. River deltas and prehistoric ancient river deltas are the most likely places to look. And the mother of all deltas is the Mississippi Estuary that existed during the time of continental ice melt. The Mississippi Estuary once flowed through the Gulf past the north side of Cuba and South of the tip of Florida all the way to the Bermudas. The channel of its flow route is still there at the bottom of the Gulf and Ocean. The south side of the channel was once dry land and this is the place of Atlantis (Aztec-lan) , till one of the greatest subsidence events of all time occured over 11,000 years ago. How else can the stone structures found at over 2,000 feet of depth of the Northwest coast of Cuba have gotten to this extreme depth? The same goes for the ones by Bermuda.

C'mon, Cliff! At least spell Cayce's name correctly. Takes away some of your credibility when you go with "Casey."

If he prophesied something that did not come to pass, He is NO Prophet of God's, therefore he is of the God of this World, the Prince of the Power of the Air. Do not read nor attempt sleeping with him.

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